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About Us

ENERGOSERV SRL is selling electrical materials including a wide range of products:

- ENEL approved products

- cables and electrical conductors for medium and low voltage

- electrical apparatus for medium and low voltage

- aerial and underground power lines accessories

- copper and aluminum terminals / lugs

- PVC and metallic trays for cables

- PVC and metallic corrugated flexible tubing for electrical installations

- indoor and outdoor lighting, pole lights, street lamps

- lighting sources (mercury and sodium vapor lamps, halogen bulbs and tubes etc.)

- cable glands for electrical panels

- surface mounted and flush mounting metal and plastic junction boxes

- power outlets, light switches, and dimmers for interior networks

- PVC cable ties

- drill bits for metal and concrete

- power meters, multimeters, tong testers etc.

- grounding electrodes

- zinc plated steel strips

- heat shrink tubes and sleeves

- aluminum and copper strip for electrical panels

- lighting, ceiling fan and junction boxes

- soft starters, inverters

- single phase and three phase measurement boxes

- single phase and three phase watt-hour meters

- generators for industrial and heavy duty applications.

All configurations can be made according with specific applications.

Heavy-duty engine features:

-Industrial and heavy duty diesel engines with high reliability from various brands.

Alternators – heavy duty type with AVR

- Brushless, single bearing

- Low reactance, low waveform distortion, class H insulation.

- Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) is optional

Base Frame and Enclosure – heavy duty fabricated.

- Sound-attenuated canopy various types depending on your needs.

- Side hinged doors on both sides and removable front and rear panels for easy access to serviceable items including controls, cable entry, radiator, and exhaust and alternator rear.

- Secure lockable doors.

- Emergency buttons mounted on exterior is available.

- Power receptacle socket options.

- Dual wall sub-base 110% fully bunded fuel tank can be available (optional).

Control Panel can have various functions as start, stop, fault reset, display of 3 phase AC current ( Load) , frequency, KW Load 3 phase and total, DC voltage, engine speed, lube oil pressure, coolant temperature, running hours, fault history, power factor.

We can supply with various electrical options, mechanical options, accessory options and socket pack options for your specific applications.

Also, our company is designing and executing low and medium electrical supply lines.