02 Aug

About us

ENERGOSERV SRL is selling electrical materials including a wide range of products:

- ENEL approved products

- cables and electrical conductors for medium and low voltage

- electrical apparatus for medium and low voltage

- aerial and underground power lines accessories

- copper and aluminum terminals / lugs

- PVC and metallic trays for cables

- PVC and metallic corrugated flexible tubing for electrical installations

- indoor and outdoor lighting, pole lights, street lamps

- lighting sources (mercury and sodium vapor lamps, halogen bulbs and tubes etc.)

- cable glands for electrical panels

- surface mounted and flush mounting metal and plastic junction boxes

- power outlets, light switches, and dimmers for interior networks

- PVC cable ties

- drill bits for metal and concrete

- power meters, multimeters, tong testers etc.

- grounding electrodes

- zinc plated steel strips

- heat shrink tubes and sleeves

- aluminum and copper strip for electrical panels

- lighting, ceiling fan and junction boxes

- soft starters, inverters

- single phase and three phase measurement boxes

- single phase and three phase watt-hour meters

Also, our company is designing and executing low and medium electrical supply lines.


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